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Title: Performance




"Red Seal-String Calligraphy II" Zhonghu concerto (13'45")
Gang Situ, 2002

The Butterfly Lovers for Erhu-Gaohu

(composed by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang, arranged by Chen Gang) 29' 55"

Erhu Fantasia (Chen Gang) ~16'

The Great Wall Capriccio (Liu Wenjin) 27'l4"

Double Concerto for Violin and Erhu (Gang Situ) 25'

Four Dreams (Xuntian He) 20'12"

The Parting of the Newly Wed (Xiaofung Zhang and Xiaogu Zhu) 17'11"

The Soul of a Great Poet (Yi Xu) 24'47"

Appealing Waters (Kazu Sozo) 10'26"

Benediction (Xiaogu Zhu) 23'56"



"Strings Calligraphy" erhu & strings
Gang Situ 2000

Double Concerto for Violin, Erhu and Strings (Gang Situ) 15'22"

Amid Haze (Yu-Hui Chang) 15'

Soughing Pines (Yanjun Hwa) 4'31"

Eve's Night (Tianhua Liu) 5'05"

Parting at Yang-guan 5'24"

Spring Poem 6'39"

Grapes Ripen 4'55"

A Moon Image in Er-Spring 8'00"

The Flowing River 9'17"

Staring the Lover 4'57"

The Deep Dark Night 5'20"

The Flowing Melody of Nature 4'16"

Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace 6'41"

Sitting Before a Dresser and Arising a Thought of Grudge 6'55"

The Sheep in the Hill 1'55"

The Lamp in the Moonlight 2'42"

Tolling of a Buddhist Temple 4'35"

The Lotus Emerging from Water 5'55"

One Flower 8'38"

Fiddle Suite for Erhu and String Quartet



"Luminescence" erhu solo
Lee Pui Ming (7'30")

A Moon Image in Er-Spring 8'00"

Soughing Pines (Yanjun Hwa) 5'10"

The Flowing River 9'17"

On the Way Home 6'09"

Birds Singing in the Tranquil Mountains 3'46"

Flickering of the Candlelight 4'31"

Eve's Night 4'18"

Singing at Leisure 6'13"

Bright Prospects 3'23"

The Sound of Agony 6'56"

Moonlit Light 7'52"

Song of Depression 3'54"

Elegy 2'32"

Melody on a Single String 6'43"

Southern Spring Colors 6'52"

Maiden Lan Hua-Hua 14'55"

Parting at Yang-guan 4'34"

Northern Shan-Xi Lyrics 8'24"

Song of Praise 5'04"

A Ditty of Su-Nan 2'00"

Rejoicing at Lanterns Festival 3'37"

The Drifting Cloud 5'31"

Carnival 12'55"

Horse Race 3'34"

Love Song 7'21"

A Ditty of He-Nan 5'27"

Qin Theme Capriccio 7'27"

Galloping Horses 3'33"

Hero Gada 5'59"

San-Men Gorge Capriccio 9'02"

Northern He-Nan Ballad 9'08"


Double Concerto for Erhu and Violin

by Gang Situ

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Moon Reflecting on Er Chuan Spring

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Click here for an introductory lesson in holding and bowing the erhu.

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