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Title: Performance


Beijing Trio

(with Max Roach and Jon Jang)

Asian Improv 1999

"One of the most refreshing and enjoyable experiences in my career. In this cross-cultural artistry, I heard and did things musically I had never done before." - Max Roach

Tabula Rasa

with Bela Fleck and V. M. Bhatt

1996 Grammy Nominee!

Waterlilly Acoustics 1996

Foremost innovator on the banjo, Béla Fleck is joined by Hindustani master V. M. Bhatt and Chinese virtuoso Jiebing Chen in a collaboration that begins with a clean slate and culminates in a masterpiece of synthesis. Adding poignant but subtle coloring to this unique work are Hindustani flutist Ronu Majumdar and violinist Sangeeta Shankar, as well the Karnatak percussionist Puvalur Srinivasan on mridangam.

Two Flowers on a Stem

with the Jon Jang Sextet

Soul Note 1996

A collection of cross-cultural jazz pieces with an eclectic instrumental mix.

Masterpieces of Chinese Songs of the 30's

Wind Records 1994

A collection of Chinese popular hits in the 30's that are still cherished. With the re-interpretation by traditional Chinese instruments, the texture of music in this album weaves a nostalgic world reminding listeners of "The Good Old Days".

Masterpieces of Chinese Folksongs

Wind Records 1994

The album features those most popular folksongs from various regions across the vast land of China. Let erhu, yangqin, pipa and other Chinese instruments take you to a wonderful music tour to China, from the crowded streets in Shanghai to the remotest mountains in Yunnan and Mongolia.

Masterpieces of Chinese Traditional Music

Wind Records 1994

"...Full of classic elegance and grace, each of seven treasured composition lays lightly and melodically on the ears; unique tonal scale phrasing on ethnic zither, cello, bass and percussion ensures that each note flows delicately and smoothly yet with strong passion.... so close your eyes and let your imagination roam. The music's tantalizing characteristics never fail to inspire." - THE MONTHLY ASPECTARIAN, Nov. 1995

Spirit on Two Strings Volume 1

Wind Records 1993

"erhu, the solo instrument sounds like a symphony!. . . Chen has been called' the Itzhak Perlman of the Far East' ...If you have never savored the exotic piquancy of Chinese music before, this is a great appetizer!" - NEW AGE RETAILER, JAN/FEB 1996

Spirit on Two Strings Volume 2

Wind Records 1993

This collection of music displays not only the rare timbre of each individual huqin, but also the distinctive style of folk tunes from different areas of China.

The Art of Chen Jie-Bing

Wind Records 1991

A collection of erhu concertos centering on Chinese folk songs. Through the arrangements of well-known composer Chen Gang for western string orchestra, fresh vitality is infused into these erhu concertos.

Erhu and the Shanghai Chamber Orchestra (Order from Jiebing)

Shanghai Audio and Video 1989

Traditional melodies arranged with chamber orchestra

"The Butterfly Lovers" a concerto for Erhu-Gaohu
(Order from Jiebing)

China Record Company 1989

An arrangement of the famous violin concerto for erhu and gaohu. Also contains traditional erhu works arranged as concertos with orchestra.

Forthcoming Recordings


with Martin Simpson and Puvalur Srinivasan

Waterlilly Acoustics

In the 1920’s the port city of Shanghai was a hotbed of cultures in confrontation. Many musical streams came together in this city at that time. In this recording Martin, whose grandmother lived in Shanghai, and Jiebing, who was born there, explore and evoke the spirit of a Shanghai long gone. Silk, Jade and the Begging Bowl (with V. M. Bhatt)

Waterlilly Acoustics

The first recording ever of a Hindustani musician and one of the Chinese classical tradition. One of China’s foremost musicians of the younger generation, Chen performs on the erh-hu, a two string fiddle with a captive bow. Bhatt and Chen weave a fine melodic silk drawn from pentatonic modes common to both cultures, dyed in the hues of the folk traditions unique to both countries. Yellow River Blue (with James Newton)

Waterlilly Acoustics

Comprised as it is of original compositions commissioned especially for this recording and written by acclaimed Chinese-American composer Gang Situ and American jazz legend James Newton, this music embodies the sound of the flowing Yellow River Blue. Jiebing Chen’s erh-hu and James Newton’s flute know but the one river to the great sea.


Double Concerto for Erhu and Violin

by Gang Situ

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Moon Reflecting on Er Chuan Spring

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