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Title: About Jiebing

Life in Pictures: The U.S., International Success, and Jazz

In 1989 Jiebing moved to the United States to study music theory at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. She broadened her performance career, and expanded her repertoire to include western classical music and jazz. Today she performs around the world playing an eclectic mix of music.

Jiebing on the campus of SUNY Buffalo shortly after arrival. Jiebing in her debut concert in the US, held in Buffalo. The audience was fascinated with this strange new instrument. Jiebing performing with the New Moscow Symphony in Moscow Conservatory Hall in 1993.
Jiebing performing with an American orchestra in 1994. In 1994 Jiebing was invited back to Shanghai to play with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Performing Jazz with the Jon Jang Sextet in 1996.
Playing with the Jazz Pianist Dr. Billy Taylor in New York in 1995. Playing with the Jon Jang Sextet in the 1997 Beijing International Jazz Festival. In 1996 Jiebing was again invited back to Shanghai to play Gang Situ's Double Concerto for Erhu and Violin with the violinist Cha-liang Ling.
The Beijing Trio (Jiebing, Max Roach and Jon Jang) performing at the US Library of Congress in Washington, DC in 1999. Jiebing performing with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony, conducted by George Daugherty, at the Hollywood Bowl August 1999. Jiebing performing "The Butterfly Lovers" with the San Francisco Symphony in Stern Grove, summer 2001.
Jiebing and her Mother on Mt. Tamalpais overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area, spring 2002. This was Jiebing's mother's first visit to the US. She stayed with Jiebing for six months before returning to her home in Australia.


Double Concerto for Erhu and Violin

by Gang Situ

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Moon Reflecting on Er Chuan Spring

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Click here for an introductory lesson in holding and bowing the erhu.

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