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page title: erhu

Interpreting Notation Symbols

Bowing Technique
Play open string
Play inside (lower pitch) string
Play outside (higher pitch) string
Push the bow
Pull the bow
Left-hand Fingering
Stop string with index (first) finger

(Chinese numeral 1)

Stop string with middle finger

(Chinese numeral 2)

Stop string with ring (third) finger

(Chinese numeral 3)

Stop string with small (fourth) finger

(Chinese numeral 4)

Musical Interpretation
Harmonic (open string)
Harmonic (stopped string)

also called "Artificial Harmonic"

Slide up
Slide down
Extreme vibrato (> 3 steps) by sliding up and down,

start sliding up

Extreme vibrato (> 3 steps) by sliding up and down,

start sliding down

Moving slide w/ moving first finger
Moving slide to fixed first finger
Inverted Mordant
Vibrato through pressing string
Slide up with vibrato
Pluck with the right hand
Pluck with the left hand
Repeating staccato
Staccato with lift
Sustain note at full volume
Long breath


Double Concerto for Erhu and Violin

by Gang Situ

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Moon Reflecting on Er Chuan Spring

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Click here for an introductory lesson in holding and bowing the erhu.

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